International Conference on Physician Health

Physician health and wellness are critical to the future of health care and health care systems worldwide. More than 500 attendees from around the globe gathered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in October 2018 to explore ways to help physicians get healthier and improve their well-being.

Participants had the chance to:

  • network with others who believe physician health must be a priority in medical systems
  • learn new, practical and evidence-based skills and strategies to practise in everyday life
  • discuss what works, what doesn’t and what should be done in the future of health care and medicine so physicians can be healthy and continue to provide excellent care to their patients
  • share submissions on ‘innovations’ — new ways of doing things, tools/resources, and new ideas — that are or could help promote physician health and wellness, in addition to more traditional research

Driving meaningful change in the lives of physicians and for those who work within medical systems